Catriona hosts the popular podcast asking for a friend

Ever had a question you felt too embarrassed to ask, and instead asked that question “for a friend”?
Hosted by Clinical Sexologist and Psychotherapist Catriona Boffard, Asking for a Friend brings you fascinating and interesting conversations about sex, intimacy, relationships, and mental and physical health. In each episode, Catriona will bring you evidence-based information and real-world advice on topics that are not often discussed but that we really need to normalise and talk more about. She’s joined by special guests who are all experts in their fields or have lived experiences of these topics.

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Catriona has featured some of the following experienced guests on her podcast.

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Kate Moyle

(Psychosexual Therapist)

Kate talks to Catriona about sex and anxiety

Lisa Mackenzie

(The Vaginismus Network)

Lisa and Catriona discuss vaginismus

Dr Emily Nagoski

(Sex educator, author, activist)

Catriona speaks Emily about everything from sexual response to stress response.

Cam Fraser

(Certified Sex Coach & Educator)

Catriona and Cam explore how to expand male sexuality

Dr Peggy Kleinplatz

(Prof Faculty of Medicine, Uni of Ottowa)

Peggy shares her research findings on extraordinary sex with Catriona. 

Dr Lori Brotto

(Psychologist, researcher & Director, UBC Sexual Health Laboratory)

Lori explains how mindfulness can massively improve your sex life

Dr Elna Rudolph

(Clinical head of My Sexual Health, President of the World Association of Sexual Health)

Elna and I talk about what getting treatment for sexual pain should entail 

Silva Neves

(Psychosexual & relationship psychotherapist)

Silva, an expert in sexual compulsivity, explores this presentation with Catriona