In case you missed it this morning (it was at 05.40am here in London), here’s the podcast of my short chat to DJ Fresh on 5fm, a South African national radio station. We chatted specifically about sexual attraction to pregnant women, other unusual fetishes and even briefly about contraceptives.

Maeiusophilia or preggophilia, just two names given to this sort of fetish, is not at all uncommon. A lot of men are extremely aroused by the sight of their pregnant partner, and it can be any number of things about pregnancy that turn them on. These include her changing body, expanding belly, the idea of birth or insemination, or simply her bringing life into the world. It’s perfectly normal and many men really enjoy the pregnancy and find that their partner’s are even more attractive to them then.

A fetish is defined as intense sexual arousal due to an abnormal or atypical object. This¬†could really be anything, such as feet, pregnant women, leather/ lace or balloons. Many people have ‘fetishes’ (ever heard of a man being called a boob or butt guy?), but it only gets defined and diagnosed as a paraphilia when the individual meets certain criteria, including impairment of daily functioning or distress. A lot of people aren’t distressed by their fetish and only seek professional assistance when a partner or loved one is affected. If you are worried about sexual interest in something unusual, get in touch with me.¬†

* A word of caution to pregnant women: careful what platforms you post your photos to. As one woman found out, her photos were being used on a pregnancy porn site, without her consent or knowledge!


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