You don’t have to memorize the Kama Sutra to try something new and exciting in bed with your lover, so Durex USA asked me to suggest some sex positions for you to try tonight. Why not simply try these twists on well-known sex positions? They all hit the right spots and make sure that both him and her get as much stimulation as possible for maximum pleasure. Think much needed clitoral stimulation for her and deeper penetration for him, and of course plenty of intimacy for you both.

Seated satisfaction

This position pushes all the right buttons for both him and her. With him seated in a chair (preferably without arms), she straddles him with her legs over his. Holding on to the back of the chair, she thrusts and moves into him. This position is extremely sexy, extremely intimate and ultimately satisfying for both partners, but women will get that added extra clitoral stimulation that they need to push them over the edge of pleasure. He will get a full view of her pleasure and having her body so tightly against his is sure to turn him on even more.

Line drawing of man sitting in chair with pillow between knees. Woman is straddling him. 

Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the man lies down on his back, and the woman gets on top of him, but facing his feet. This little twist to ‘girl on top’ is great for both partners’ sexual needs. He gets to see exactly what’s happening, which is great for a man’s desire and arousal because men are aroused visually much more than women, as well as feel himself deep inside of her. She gets both internal and external stimulation, which is especially important to help her reach the pinnacle of pleasure. If he puts one leg up, her clitoris will get just the right amount of indirect stimulation to bring her to the big O.

sex-position-Reverse-CowgirlSexy Spooning

Lying on your sides, facing the same direction with him behind her, he enters her. This position is very sexy and intimate as he can kiss her neck or ears, both hot spots for added sexual pleasure. To make this well-known position an even more pleasurable experience, he should use his hand to wrap around her front and stimulate her clitoris. This will help her get even more turned on, and he can push her up against him, resulting in the deep penetration that many men love. The intimacy in this position will also increase desire and arousal for both partners.

Line drawing of woman lying on side with pillows supporting knees and head. Man is lying on side behind her.

CAT (Coital alignment technique)

This twist on missionary position hits all the right spots for both him and her, and is probably one of the most intimate positions as you’re face to face, lying tightly together. Assume the missionary position (him on top of her, facing each other) but place a pillow underneath her bum. This will tilt her pelvis up so that she gets adequate clitoral stimulation. Instead of thrusting, he should rock back and forth, creating perfection friction for her and depth for him. Holding each other tightly and kissing each other while in this position will also make the experience much hotter.



Rising missionary

This position is perfect for intimacy and deeper penetration. With her on her back, she raises her legs and rests them gently on his shoulders or chest, knees slightly bent. He kneels with his legs either side of her and slips into her gently. Try this position slowly at first so as to get used to the depth of the penetration. This is a very intimate position as you can see each other, he can rub her clitoris or touch her breasts and thighs for added pleasure, and she will probably feel pressure building up on her g-spot. You’ll both have the freedom to control the movement in this position.


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