My posts on the blog have been rather serious of late, so I decided it was time for a bit of fun. When people have sex, the #1 place in the house for it to happen is the bedroom, but there’s no need to restrict sex to just one room. Why not add some spice and spontaneity to your sexual routine and take it out of the bedroom (just make sure your roommate or kids are asleep)…

Exploring sex outside of the bedroom is probably exploring sex outside of your comfort zone. Trying it on the dining room table or on the staircase may not sound like something you’ll do every day, but every now and then it can add a certain amount of excitement to your sex life. Instead of sex at night when you go to bed or wake up in the morning, think sex whenever and wherever. Any added change makes your sexual experience more interesting. You don’t have to constantly try new things; but this sort of spontaneity will make you both feel wanted and extremely sexy. So give these simple, obvious ideas a try:


In front of the TV:

Sitting in front of the TV again for another evening in this winter? Heat things up on the couch (and/or TV) – You can put something erotic on TV to turn you both on (porn or a hot sex scene in a movie) or some music to get you into the mood. Have her sit in your lap facing the TV, with legs on either side of yours, or get her to put her feet on the coffee table for added power when thrusting. Put a hand around her front and massage her during sex.

Coffee or dining room table:

Entice your man by seductively leading him from the front door straight to the table. Sit on the edge and take his pants off. Give him a blow job until he’s just about to climax then stop, take your pants off or lift up your skirt/dress, and lie down on the table (making sure any objects that could hurt you or cause discomfort are moved out of the way prior to this little encounter). Now enjoy some pre-dinner sex and use that table for something other than what it’s usually meant for.

The Kitchen:

If you’re a hygiene freak and aren’t really sure about sex in the kitchen, just remember that everything can be disinfected and cleaned. Don’t let your concern for your kitchen distract you from the pleasure that your partner is trying to give you. Here, be completely spontaneous and start getting kinky while one of you is washing the dishes. Then put her on the counter and either go down on her or have her right there and then. Feel like using the kitchen more to its full advantage? Get out the ice-cream and strawberries, and use your imagination to where and what you could do with these (just remember not to put food inside a woman’s vagina as it can cause an infection).

On a stair case:

This may sound easier than it actually is so take it slow and be careful not to injure yourselves. Either you can pin your partner against the staircase, make them sit/lie on the stairs while you kneel in front of them to go down on them, or have her stand in front of him, feet a few steps apart. Use the banister for support. This could be very sexy if you were making your way upstairs for a bit of fun, but just felt you couldn’t wait to get there…

In the shower:

If your shower has a ledge then it’s been waiting for you to use it, if you haven’t already. If you don’t have a ledge, a rubber mat and a small plastic step (even one of the kid’s plastic chairs) will do the trick (it’s important you make sure you can’t slip and hurt yourself). In the shower start lathering each other up, then spin her around, and with one of her legs up on the ledge/ step, sex will be much easier.

In the bathroom (even a guest bathroom at a function):

Brushing your teeth in the morning is something we all do without thinking. But why not think about taking your partner from behind as they are about to or finishing brushing their teeth. Then you could move to the toilet. With the seat down and him sitting on it with his pants off, straddle him. Want to mask your moans and groans? Flush the toilet as your climax (especially if you’re at a party).

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