Sex Positions

Sexy swimming

Just in time for summer, and the perfect position for some sex pool side. Whether it’s during the day or after hours, take advantage of the warm summer weather and get it on while getting wet. It’s best to have some water or silicone-based lubricant on hand as women may find they get a bit dry. Also try to keep sex in the pool to a minimum as it can cause irritation in the vagina and therefore an infection. Try it once this summer. For a fun follow-on, have him sit on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water, and have her sit on top of him, with her feet wrapped around him – great for clitoral stimulation!

Kitchen Kink

Try something completely unusual and kinky this weekend. Take her by surprise in the kitchen while she’s cooking dinner, or become so passionate and desperate for each other that you can’t make it to the bedroom. Have her lie on the kitchen counter, table or island, and put her legs over your shoulders. This position means very deep penetration (a real bonus for him), and he (or she) can stimulate her clitoris so she gets the extra stimulation she needs.

Want to keep it going in the kitchen? Penetrate her from behind or sit him down in a chair and straddle him (great for her O).

Oral for her

Oral sex with a twist… This is not a position for sex but for going down on your girl. It’s all about her pleasure here, and making sure she’s satisfied. Great as foreplay, she lies on top of him, leaning against his raised knees for support. He holds her waist and pleasures her orally. Make sure you have 1-2 pillows to place under his head to raise it up to the right level. He should focus on stimulating her clitoris with his tongue, and she should focus on the pleasurable sensations…

Seated scissors

This position ticks many boxes – visual stimulation for him, clitoral stimulation for her, rear vaginal entry meaning deeper penetration, and support for her to rock against him.

This is a seriously sexy position to try because it means she can be in control and as the picture shows, why not leave your underwear on? Dress up for him and get on top in a variation of reverse cowgirl (see below).

Want to explore a bit more? Try anal sex in this position. She should experience both anal and clitoral penetration. Remember to use lots of lube and take it slow.

Wrapped up in you

Intimacy at it’s best… In this position you can be incredibly close and intimate with each other, and it’s perfect for morning sex as you wake up (which is actually the best time of day to have sex as testosterone levels are at their highest, meaning you’ll both be more aroused). She wraps her legs around his waist and he supports her head with his lower arm. If you find this position difficult to get into, have her sit on top and then roll gently on to your sides. Her clitoris should be rubbing against his pubic bone, but you can always add a bullet vibrator for added stimulation.

The Standing Twist

This position is the perfect position to provide him with the visual stimulation he loves (as most men do). With her lying at the edge of the bed, raise her legs and gently cross them, holding them up to support her while he stands at the end of the bed. She can press her knees against her chest for added comfort. She should make sure to control and guide him, as this position lends to very deep thrusting, and can therefore sometimes be uncomfortable if too deep or hard. For her, squeeze your bum cheeks for added pressure on your vaginal muscles, and use a hand to manually stimulate yourself if necessary.

Bounce me baby

Having a yoga ball at home doesn’t mean that it has to sit in the corner, unused, or only be taken out for those tricky yoga positions. Why not incorporate it into your sexual routine? The added bounce will just add to your fun! Sex doesn’t always have to be serious and intimate, and this added extra will provide you with some unusual fun. Get him to sit on ball, and she sits in his lap. He can either wrap a hand around her waist to manually stimulate her, or she can use her on hand for added clitoral stimulation. Being on the ball means he won’t get as tired from thrusting, and she can get the clitoral stimulation she needs by using his or her hand. This adds a bit of fun to the sexual routine…

Sexy Spooning This position is perfect for sleepy sex, pregnancy sex, intimate and loving sex, or simply to enjoy the feel of each other’s bodies pressed up against each other. Lie next to each other, facing the same direction, as you would if you were cuddling/ spooning, and let him penetrate her from behind. If she finds this position a bit difficult, she can raise her top leg and rest it on his for support. Adjust the angle of your bodies to maximise closeness and penetration. One of you can also stimulate her clitoris with your hands for added sensation, or add in a bullet vibrator if she needs that little bit more.

Couch surfing Similar to her on top, this position takes sex out of the bedroom and adds in an element on spontaneity. Sex shouldn’t be something planned that only happens at night in bed. Rather let your desires and lust for one another take over. In this position he sits with his back against an arm of the couch while she straddles him.  This position ticks all the boxes for her – clitoral stimulation, intimacy and closeness; and for him he gets deep penetration and a great view.  Turn it from raunchy to romantic by lighting some candles and making sure the TV is off.

Good ol’ Doggy-Style This is a tried and tested favourite. Having him take her from behind does wonders for him both visually and physically. Visually he can see himself moving in and out of her, he can hold her bum and watch her arch her back; physically this position is great for deep penetration and fluid thrusting. For some women, this position hits their g-spot perfectly and stimulates them enough to make them orgasm. However, some women don’t get much sexual stimulation from this position and need something extra to take it to the next level – I suggest either using your own fingers or asking him to reach around to rub your clitoris, or introduce a mini vibrator onto your clit at this stage to really get you where you want to be…

Sideways-Scissor Why not give the sideways-scissor a try tonight, since it is great on stimulation for him and her! With him on his knees, and her on side, her clitoris will rub up against his thigh while he’ll be able to penetrate her deeply, holding her leg for added support. He’ll also be able to see her which we all know is better for a man’s sexual experience since men are visual. You can also “rock” more easily in this position, meaning the sensations she’ll experiences will tick all her buttons!

Seated seduction One of the most fun, stimulating and intimate positions, having him sit in a chair and having her sit on top of him can lead to either intimate and gentle sex, passionate, and wild sex, or a combination of both.This position brings you right up against each other, facing each other and in each other’s arms. In this position, stimulation to her clitoris is maximised by his pubic bone and abdomen, and her can watch her face while holding on to her backside to thrust her forward. If she holds onto the back of the chair, she can control the rocking and rhythm in this position, which means orgasm will be much easier too. *Ladies, surprise him with this position in his home office one night while he is working…

(Bad) Bathroom behaviour Perfect for a quickie at home or at a party, this position has 3 wonderful elements: (1) It allows you to watch each other during sex – which, if you haven’t tried before, can take some getting used to but is quite fun; (2) she can hold onto the sink for extra support meaning less tired arms than holding yourself up on the bed; and (3) she can stimulate herself if need be, regardless of the great sensation this will produce for you both… Want to try this without planning? Surprise her when’s she’s finished brushing her teeth in the morning before work… It could even work while one of you is doing the dishes. * At a party? Flush the toilet as you orgasm to muffle the noises.

Rock my world

This position ticks all the boxes – intimacy, stimulation, sensation etc. He sits cross-legged and she sits in his lap with her legs around him. You can hold each other as tight as you like, or lean back on your hands and look at each other in this intimate position. Getting a woman to climax is less about thrusting and more about rhythm, and in this position you get just that. You are able to rock back and forth which creates more clitoral friction, meaning orgasm is much more obtainable.

Bend me over Baby

Take doggy-style to a new level with sex in the lounge and this position. Sex doesn’t have to be reserved for the bedroom (if you live alone rather than with family or flatmates), and doggy style definitely doesn’t have to be the old, standard way. Try out this position next time your sitting on the couch together. Start off the proceedings with some foreplay, like giving him a blowjob or going down on her. Then, he can pick her up, spin her around and gently push her over the edge of the couch. Normally taking a woman from behind does not give her as much stimulation as she’d like, but this position allows for a lot of friction between her clit and the couch (put a towel or blanket down if you’re a germ freak). The couch will also provide leverage for him and her, making thrusting easier…

The reverse cowgirl

The reverse cow girl is a really fantastic position for both him and her! Men are visual, and that’s why taking her from behind is so popular – the view of her, the sensation (deep thrusting), and getting to watch exactly what she’s doing. So from this position he gets that same view, but she gets much better sensation. Women on top is one of the most popular positions for her due to the friction on her clitoris and her ability to control the pace and rhythm of sex (both key players in her orgasm). Reverse cowgirl means that she can still control the pace, and he can watch her from behind moving and rocking!

Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

Not just your standard missionary position, in this position a pillow is placed under her bum for added clitoral stimulation, and therefore it’s said that it helps her reach orgasm faster. This means that she’ll be ‘riding higher’ during sex, which means better friction between the two of you. Not only do you get the intimacy of being close to each other and being able to see each other, but you also get much more stimulation than you would from the standard missionary position. The best way to achieve orgasm is to have him rock back and forth, rather than thrust in and out. It may seem tricky at first and need some practice, but it will be worth it in the end.  This means his pubic bone and base of his penis will be rubbing against the clitoris, giving her just the right sort of stimulation needed to climax.