1. What is sexology?

Sexology is the study of human sexuality, behaviour and identity. It involves the promotion of a sex-positive approach, through education, guidance and therapy, and also includes the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions. Sexologists assist couples and individuals with concerns around sexual functioning, sexual health and sexual well-being, as well as offering guidance on sexual enrichment. Sexuality is viewed in a non-judgmental and positive manner. A consultation with a trained, accredited sexologist generally involves discussions around sexuality and relationships, but may also include questions about upbringing, lifestyle and family.

2. What happens in a sex therapy session?

A consultation with a thoroughly trained and accredited sexologist involves talking – much like one would do with a psychologist. Each session the client(s) will explore aspects of their sexual behaviour and feelings, and after each session the client(s) may have exercises to complete at home and report back on at the following session. Engagement in the sessions and with the exercises in between sessions is crucial for a successful outcome.

3. Do I have to be in a relationship to come for a consultation?

Not at all. Catriona sees both individuals and couples for consultations, and often sees individuals who have recently ended a relationship, wish to find a new partner, or are content being single.

4. Have you stopped having sex and want to get your love life back on track?

Catriona often deals with couples and individuals who have lost their spark, or who feel that sex has become a chore. This is a very common complaint of many couples – in between work, children and life stressors, sex often moves down our list priorities, and Catriona can assist you in reconnecting sexually and intimately.

5. Do you long for the intimacy you shared at the beginning of your relationship?

When couples become familiar with each other, the initial excitement and passion that you experience at the beginning of your relationship can wane. Catriona can help you rediscover that intimacy in your relationship, and assist you to reconnect as a couple both emotionally and physically.

6. Do you struggle to feel confident sexually?

When we feel unconfident sexually, it can take away from the enjoyment of sex. Catriona often works with individuals who feel this way, and want to be able to enjoy sex without worrying about their confidence or sexual experience.

7. Do you find it difficult to orgasm – either during sex or alone?

More commonly a complaint of women, not being able to orgasm can be hugely distressing to an individual. Furthermore, the pressure to perform that is often present during sex can make this situation far more emotionally challenging. Catriona can assist you in working through these challenges.

8. Do you have concerns about becoming aroused during sex, or not being able to maintain arousal during a sexual experience?

Erectile disorder in men and arousal concerns in women are common complaints that Catriona often hears from clients, and can be very distressing. She has worked with many individuals with these types of concerns, and assist people in moving past these concerns so that they are able to enjoy sex.

9. Do you ever experience persistent pain during sex, foreplay or gynaecological check-ups, and tend to avoid sexual contact because of it?

Many people, women in particular, complain that they experience pain during sex (1 in 6 women in fact). However, sex should never been painful and painful intercourse and penetration is often uncomplicated to treat. Catriona can assist you in understanding this pain and helping you enjoy sex and intimacy again, without the fear of pain interfering.

10. Do you want to enhance your sexual connection and enrich your sexual relationship?

Catriona does not just deal with individuals and couples sexual concerns, but can also assist couples who are interested in enriching their sexual relationship. This may involve helping couples explore different avenues of sexual play and experience, or assisting the couple to become more comfortable with each other sexually.

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