Pegging is all about role reversal, and it’s got nothing to do with clothes pegs or pirate peg legs. Pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates her male partner anally. It’s a sexual act that might raise a lot of eyebrows, but can be extremely sexy and very pleasurable for both partners. For the woman, taking on a role of power (when women most often play a submissive sexual role) might be a real turn on, as will seeing the pleasure it could bring their partner. For the male partner, the anus is actually an incredibly sexually sensitive area and the prostate, or “P-Spot” (sort of considered the male version of the so called G-Spot in women), is located inside a man’s rectum. When stimulated, this can bring on intense pleasure. Being penetrated anally as a straight man still unfortunately has a lot of stigma attached to it. But for those who’ve been opening to trying it, they mostly been pleasantly surprised with the experience and sexual satisfaction they get. 

If you’re keen to try this, always, always remember to use a lot of lubricant… wetter is better here in every sense of the term! If you’re wanting to get into pegging but are new to anal play, why not start slow with an anal play toy?

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Made infamous by 50 shades of grey, a couple can try any element of this type of sexual play and see what sort of experience it brings into the bedroom. Bondage, discipline or sado-masochism (that’s causing pain and being caused pain, with consent!) can be exhilarating, pleasurable and down right sexy. I always recommend to couples who have never experimented with any of this type of play to start slow: think blind folds and some handcuffs, before tying out some spanking or whipping, before heading into the really serious territory of nipple clamps and flogging. 

If you and your partner want to try some BDSM, make sure you’ve had a very honest conversation first. Set boundaries, decide what’s ok and what’s not ok, and ensure that you have a ‘safe word’ that can be said when one partner has had enough and doesn’t want to continue (something like red, pineapple etc. that cannot be confused or overlooked as heat of the moment like “stop” could be). 

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If you’re comfortable to step out of the norm and try something completely different, role-play could be for you and your partner. The beauty of role-play is that you can literally create the perfect context for sexual desire and arousal. Have a discussion with your partner about what scene you’d like to create, where you will play it out and what roles you’ll each play. You can be strangers meeting in a bar and getting a hotel room, you could be a passenger and a flight attendant. If you and your partner are comfortable with it, then anything’s game! When doing role-play, it’s important to try and keep to character as much as possible. This will help get you both lost in the moment and deepen the arousal and desire you could create in this moment. 

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