Catriona is a renowned speaker in sexual health, sexuality, intimacy, personal and professional relationships, conflict and communication. She has presented on private, public and corporate stages, and offers her audience insight into understanding themselves and their relationships better.


Her clients include organisations and companies such as YPO, EO, Investec and Salica.

Popular topics:

From the bedroom to the boardroom

A workshop designed for the business minded. Catriona draws links between our business and personal relationships, and how relational scripts overlap with our business techniques. Explore the difference between men and women and communication skills, and ultimately learn to recognise and understand your own emotional experiences that allow you to better understand others.

Constructive communicating

One of the most fundamental skills in developing and sustaining good relationships is communication. Catriona assists individuals or couples who want to learn how to improve these skills, which not only have a positive impact on their personal relationships, but on their business relationships as well.

Sexentials: getting to know the basics of sex and you

 This workshop is ideal for anyone; single or in a relationship. This fun, informative and honest workshop covers everything about sex: from body basics to the differences between partners, to sexy tips to so much more. Catriona explores all topics about sex you wish you’d learnt in sex ed!

In to me see

This workshop is geared much more to those in a relationship (although singles can learn a lot too) and guides both men and women in how to rethink their sexual and sensual relationship through all levels of intimacy. The workshop concentrates on shifting our usual view of sex (performance) to one that is much more satisfying and fulfilling (pleasure).

Better together

Couples will benefit from this workshop, which focuses on three fundamental aspects of a relationship: sex, intimacy and communication. Catriona spends time with couples exploring relationships on a holistic level, so that they can strengthen and develop their bond, both in and out of the bedroom.

Alternative workshops can also be arranged on request.

The fee for a workshop is dependant on the type of workshop. 

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