Earlier in the week I posted about female ejaculation – what it is, how it happens and who it happens to.

Here you’ll find a short post about how to try it:

So can I teach myself to do it?

First and foremost, go to the bathroom before (and after) sex. Not only will this reassure you that you won’t release urine, but it actually helps prevent urinary tract infections. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water too as your body needs to be hydrated in order not to retain fluids, including ejaculate. Then, make sure that you are relaxed and at ease – being tired or feeling pressured into performing will undoubtedly end badly. A great way to try to learn is to start on your own – less pressure and anxiety. Follow the steps below, just include your own fingers or a G-spot stimulating toy.

Once you and your partner get started you can do whatever you please sexually, or whatever it is that you normally do. However, try to add some prolonged G-spot stimulation into the mix – either with a vibrator design for G-spot stimulation, manually with your partner’s fingers (inserted finger print facing up into the woman, and imitate a “come here” motion), or in a position that will give adequate G-spot stimulation (like doggy-style – although I recommend starting with fingers if you don’t feel much G-spot stimulation normally or are not used to it). It’s said that the more the G-spot is stimulated, the more the woman will get the sensation that she needs to urinate. However, it is possible for women to ejaculate without internal stimulation, as long as the “pull-in, push-out” technique with your Kegel muscles is attempted (see below).

With adequate G-spot stimulation, and if this is what turns her on, she should start to feel overwhelming sensations and may want to stop. This is the exact time to keep going, relax and enjoy it. Reminding yourself that you went to the bathroom before may help reassure you that you will not urinate. Use your Kegel muscles as if you were trying to pull something in and push something out of you (contracting, with emphasis on the pushing out), and when the sensation of pressure has built up to an absolute maximum, bear down and orgasm / ejaculation should naturally follow. Some women are aware of the exact moment that this happens, and other women aren’t quite sure if it has, only to find a much larger wet patch on the bed. The more often you try and ejaculate, the more aware you will become of your body’s responses and timing.

Women who can ejaculate should not in any way be ashamed of it. It should be embraced and enjoyed. If you are worried about mess, put a towel down before you start. Ultimately it is imperative to remember that most women cannot ejaculate. Feeling pressured into doing so or being made to feel less of a sexual being because you haven’t or can’t is undoubtedly going to have an overall negative effect on your sex life. Sex should be about enjoying each other’s body’s, exploring and pleasuring each other, and spending time emotionally and physically together, rather than placing expectations on one another…

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