So what is sex & relationship therapy?

It is quite normal for individuals and couples to go through stages in their life when they notice a change and things don’t feel quite like they used to. But this can become distressing and frustrating when it persists and interferes with relationships and sexual satisfaction. I offer sex-positive education, guidance and counselling to help people meet their sexual goals and understand themselves sexually. Sex is approached in a non-judgemental and positive way. I help couples understand their patterns of behaviour, communicate more effectively, and reconnect intimately on all levels.

In the initial consultation, I will conduct a thorough verbal assessment. The assessment questions will depend on your concerns, and may focus on topics such as physical, mental and sexual health, upbringing and childhood, your current and past relationships or previous mental health concerns. Each talking therapy consultation last for 50 minutes.

Catriona currently runs a global practice. She is predominantly based in Johannesburg, South Africa, seeing clients face-to-face. However she runs the majority of her practice online, to clients around South Africa and the rest of the world. Please get in touch with her to enquire regarding availability or ask any questions you might have. If you would like to have Catriona assist you via online consultations but aren’t sure about the platform, please contact her to arrange a free 15 minute conversation about the process and to find out if she can assist you with your concerns.



Catriona is an accredited psychosexual and relationship therapist with the College of Sex & Relationship Therapists (UK). She is also a member of the Southern African Sexual Health Association (SASHA).

Consultations for psychosexual therapy are available for the following concerns:

Desire (such as low libido)

Arousal (such as erectile function)

Orgasm (such as premature/ delayed ejaculation or struggling to orgasm)

Sexual pain (either on penetration or deeper pain).

Unusual sexual behaviours (such as having a fetish)

Feelings of sexual inexperience and lack of confidence

Recovering sexually after illness or surgery

Difficulties with communication in a relationship

Relationship difficulties (such as infidelity)

Sexual enhancement and enrichment

If your concern is not listed, please contact Catriona here.

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