When most people think of therapy, they have an image of talking about their concerns for a long time or lying on a couch while the therapist takes notes and asks questions… CBT is not quite like this.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a talking therapy that is suitable for individuals or couples. CBT examines how we think about situations and how these thoughts affect the way we behave. These thoughts and actions can impact how we feel. It has been found to be a highly effective therapeutic method for treating common concerns such as depression, generalised anxiety, OCD, and even phobias. Catriona works closely with you to explore, understand and change your thought patterns, behaviours, or both. CBT is collaborative, meaning that Catriona works with you to achieve your goals.

Catriona is based in London, and can be contacted for face-to-face consultations there. She does, however, offer Skype consultations. Please contact her to see if she can assist you with your concerns.


Catriona offers CBT for the following concerns:

Depression or low mood

Social anxiety

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)


Generalised anxiety


Self-esteem and self-confidence

Body image concerns


If your concern is not listed, please contact Catriona here.

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